Tel: +355 4 2200005/6/7
Blv "Dëshmorët e Kombit" Tirane, Albania

About Us

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Shala Hydropower

We are an Albanian c ompany supported by our international shareholders. Our Executive Team has years of experience in procuring the development of sustainable renewable energy production and our extensive local knowledge actividades para mayores de 60 años en barcelona will not only benefit the national requirement of renewable energy, but will have a positive impact on and for the local community in improved infrastructure and jobs.

We have a close working relationship with highly experienced geological and hydrological engineering consultants which have the empirical and current hydrological data at their disposal.

Mission Statement: The Company’s mission is to develop and operate utility scale Hydro Power Plants (2 Cascades and 1 Dam) on the Shala River, Albania and to trade electricity within the Balkans and Europe.

The Shala River

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The Shalë (definite Albanian form: Shala) is a river flowing inside the Albanian Alps in northern Albania. Its source is in the Albanian Alps, near the village Theth, close to the border with Montenegro. The Shalë flows generally south through the municipal units Shalë, Shosh and Temal. It flows into the Koman Reservoir, fed and drained by the river Drin, near the village Telum.