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3 Power Shala is the winner of 83.450 MW Hydropower Concession

On April 4, 2018, 3Power Shala Sh.p.k., a majority controlled company of Shala Energy Plc, which in turn are a subsidiary of 3 Power Energy Group Inc, entered into a legally binding Concession Contract with the Albanian Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy. The BOT (“Build – Operate – Transfer”) contract is the legally required sequel to Albania granting the 83.450 MW Hydropower Concession to the Company, as previously announced. The Hydropower Plants in the Shala Project are comprised of Lekaj, Breg Lumi and Vajvishti and are designed to exploit the hydro energy potential of the water catchment of the Shala River. Lekaj and Breg Lumi are hydropower cascades and Vajvishti is a dam. The total energy capacity of this Concession is 83.450 MW and will generate 321,465,632 KWH. The Concession which was granted for a period of 35 years commencing April 4, 2018.

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Project Announcment

On 15th September 2018, Shala Energy Plc, a company majority owned by 3Power Energy Group Inc, received a Finance Bank Capacity Letter on behalf of its group company, 3Power Shala Sh.p.k., confirming €253 million available debt and equity finance/investment, subject to satisfactory financial and technical due diligence confirmation and thereafter subject to agreeable debt and equity terms. The available finance and finance investment is dedicated firstly to the development and construction on the Shala River of Lekaj and Breg Lumi Hydropower Cascades and for the Vajvishti Hydropower Dam, and secondly for further development and/or acquisition of Albanian hydropower facilities, totalling approx. 200 MW. The Shala River Power Plants are designed to provide 83.450 MW to generate 321,465,617 KW/h of exportable electricity. There is, however, no assurance that the debt and equity financing will close and be funded.

3 Power Shala signs MOU with Sinohydro Corporation Limited

On 24th September 2018, 3Power Shala Sh.p.k., a group company of Shala Energy Plc, which in turn are majority owned by 3Power Energy Group Inc, entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Sinohydro Corporation Limited, a subsidiary of Power China International Corporation Limited, to provide (subject to satisfactory y technical and financial due diligence) the required EPC+F (“Engineering, Procurement, Construction plus Finance”) services for the development and construction of 2 Hydro Cascades (Lekaj and Beg Lumi) and 1 Hydro Dam (Vajvishti), providing a total of approximately 83.5 MW of exportable electricity (321,465,637 Kw/h). Due diligence and pre-engineering work is scheduled to start in October 2018. There is, however, no assurance that the debt and equity financing will close and be funded.

Power China visits Albania

In October 2018, hydrologists, geologists and other hydro experts of Power China Chengdu Engineering Corporation, a subsidiary of Power China International Corporation Ltd, visited the proposed sites for the two Hydropower Cascades (Lekaj and Breg Lumi) and the proposed site for the large Hydro Dam (Vajvishti) as part of their technical due diligence appraisal.

85% of Electricity from Renewable Sources

Tirana – Around 85% of the electricity consumed in Albania in 2016 was generated from renewable sources, a compilation of data released by Eurostar at the end of September showed.This puts the Western Balkan nation that produces virtually all of its energy from hydropower ahead of all the EU member states and behind only Iceland and Norway in terms of the proportion of energy consumed from renewable sources. Albania has long taken advantage of its many rivers to produce electricity. Some of the main hydropower infrastructure was build back n th communist era such as the Koman HPP on the Drini river, which provides some 65% of the country electricity, although there have been more recent investments including by Norway’s Statkraft.