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What is the Shala Hydropower project?

The new project of Shala Hydropower plant includes the construction of three hydropower plants HEPP Lekaj, HEPP Breg Lumi and HEPP Vajvisht. These plants will be located on the northern part of Albania, on Shala River, by exploiting the head between 490m to 175m above sea level.

Shala Hydropower capacity?

Total installed capacity is calculated 83.45 MW and annual energy generation for all three plants together is estimated about 321GWh. As a result, this increases the local production by approximately 10%.

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What types of HEPPs are included in the project?

Two types of HEPPs are included in the layout of Shala Hydropower project.
The two upstream plants, HEPP Lekaj and HEPP Breg Lumi, will be run of the river types with small weir without flow regulation, whereas the third plant, HEPP Vajvishti, will have a dam, that will create a reservoir with a total volume about 110 million m3.

How much time will the project take to complete?

The expected time of completion of the project is about three years from the start of the works in the site and the total investment is calculated roughly to 85 million Euro.

How will the project impact the local area?

The construction of the new transmission lines, the repair of the existing road system as well as the creation of new roads are few of the many benefits of this project. Others include the distinguishable impact on the regulation of the flow which results in an increase of the produced energy from hydropower plants build on the lower cascade of Drini River. It is to be noted also the impact on the decrease of the maximal flow, by so reducing the possible floods during high intensity rain periods.

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